HERMA Adhesive labels white A4 Movables

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Self-adhesive labels on A4 sheets. Labelling and lettering - extremely easy, reliable and flexible. Due to the "Free-to-move®" coating HERMA Movables® adhere reliably to all flat, dry, undamaged and dust-free surfaces. They can be removed without leaving a residue and without damaging the subsurface and can also be repositioned and reapplied many times. These products are ideal for flexible lettering and where labels are applied temporarily or changed, and also where damage to surfaces should be avoided. HERMA Movables® in combination with "single-print" template are a highly economical solution for the printing of individual labels. The high-quality material guarantees excellent print results on all laser and inkjet printers, copiers, multi-functional machines, colour-laser printers and colour copiers. High-grade special paper, chlorine-free bleached, solvent-free adhesive. Trouble-free processing due to all-around protective edge and optimum flatness.
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