Nobo Colour Copyboard

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Nobo Copyboards are a great tool for interactive meetings and brainstorming sessions. They offer the ability to make a printed copy (paper and printer not supplied) of everything written down on the board, this Nobo Colour Copyboard enable copies not only to be printed in black and white or colour, but also to save written information. By using a USB memory device (not supplied) written information can be saved in PNG format and then download from the USB memory device to a PC where it can be saved, filed and distributed as necessary. This Nobo Colour Copyboard has two surface copying screens (1240x850mm) with feint squares to aid drawing and writing, use one screen to prepare information and reveal during meetings and the other to capture outputs throughout the meeting. Supplied with USB cable for printer, shelf for printer, 4 drywipe markers (black, blue, green and red), an eraser and an operation manual. Requires a compatible inkjet or laser plain paper printer (not supplied). Board may be wall mounted using brackets or fixed to a height adjustable stand, contact customer services for full details.
I/O ports:
189 cm
147 cm