Nobo Modular Display System Large Panel (A0) Felt

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The new Nobo Modular display system is a completely professional display system, designed for more permanent displays of information. The modular system of this display, offers complete flexibility in the way displays can be constructed, as any number of panels and uprights can be used to create different shaped and sized displays. These can in turn be quickly reconfigured when required due to the Modular Displays unique bracketing system. The stylish elliptical uprights have a cast aluminium base for maximum stability. Panels can be attached at different heights, angles, horizontally or vertically allowing for any number of different constructs, from a simple straight lined display to a star-shaped one for when space is at a premium. The double sided 12mm panels are covered in fire resistant felt fabric suitable for use with both pins and Velcro for easy displaying.

- Professional display system, for more permanent displays of information.
- Complete flexibility in the way displays can be constructed.
- Unique bracket system allows for fast construction and reconfiguration of panels.
- Large Panel: 1228 x 885 x 12mm (AO).
- Small panel: 885 x 634 x 12mm (A1).
- Upright size: 1976 x 100x60mm.
- Base size: 50 x 300 x 300mm.
197.6 cm

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