Belkin SurgeMaster Home Series - Surge suppressor ( external ),AC 250 V, 4 Output Connector TEL/FAX/MODEM/AV, 2M white

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Power surges and lightning strikes are not the only things that can damage your home electronic equipment. Simply switching appliances on and off can create electrical imbalances that cause cumulative, permanent damage to your computers, peripherals and electronic equipment. The decades of research and power protection development have led Belkin to the release of this breakthrough SurgeMaster series. Using advanced design elements and top-quality construction as well as superior circuitry, the SurgeMaster offers the most complete protection from power surges, AC contamination and spikes available. As the leading developer of surge protection solutions, Belkin engineers and rigorously tests all its products to ensure your equipment will be safe from harmful electrical imbalances, whatever your configuration and whichever grade you choose. The Belkin SurgeMaster is your premiere solution for clean, safe power and the industry's best in construction, ratings and safety standards. Over 38 million Belkin SurgeMaster units are protecting consumer electronics worldwide!

-Earths AC power with 3-line protection through all 4 sockets;
-Delivers optimal, safe AC power through a heavy-duty cable;
-Protects your TV, VCR, DVD and cable modem from damaging power surges and spikes;
-Creates an uncluttered workstation area free of cable-tangling mess.
Colour of product:
Audio/video line protection:
Input connections:
1 x power BS 1363
Telephone line protection:
Cable length:
2 m
AC outlets quantity:
Nominal input voltage:
Surge energy rating:
714 J
EMI/RFI noise filtering:
43 dB

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