Belkin PureAV Isolator Home Theatre Surge Protector - 8 Sockets

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The PureAV Isolator from Belkin offers power protection for home theatre, audio/video, and digital entertainment components. This new offering provides the best surge protection available, using intricate circuitry that we''ve encased in rugged, fire-resistant metal. Offering the highest joule ratings and superior features, the PureAV''s key advantage is power filter technology (PFT).

PFT uses varying power filter levels to isolate and contain power line noise within individual pairs of receptacle banks. It provides the highest-quality protection available from overvoltages, and safeguards your sensitive home entertainment components from power line contamination, known as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).
Colour of product:
Audio/video line protection:
Cable length:
3 m
AC outlets quantity:
Input frequency:
Nominal input voltage:

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