Belkin Conserve Smart AV

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A Power Strip That Turns Off When Your TV Turns Off
Saves Energy
Automatically turn off components like DVD players, VCRs, game consoles, receivers and subwoofers when you turn your TV off.

Simple Setup
Plug your TV into the green Master Outlet, then plug up to five electronic components into the Controlled Outlets. The Master Outlet senses if your TV is on or off and automatically controls power to the Controlled Outlets.

Works with Cable and Satellite Boxes
2 Not-Controlled Outlets stay on for devices that need continuous power, like DVRs.

Protects Sensitive Electronics
1000 Joules of surge protection safeguards sensitive electronics from power spikes or surges.

Saves Space
Narrow footprint and wall mounting holes make it easy to place behind furniture.
Colour of product:
Green, Grey
LED indicators:
Audio/video line protection:
Cable length:
2 m
AC outlets quantity:
Input frequency:
Nominal current output:
13 A
Nominal input voltage:
Peak power:
3250 W
Surge energy rating:
1800 J

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