Belkin 7-Socket SurgeMaster GOLD Series

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The Gold Series offers top-level surge protection for your professional workstations, Home Cinema, DSS systems, Projection TVs, 2-line business phones, DSL/Cable modems, and more. This model boasts 3240 Joules, 90,000 Maximum Spike Amperage, 7-sockets and a lifetime £Unlimited Connected Equipment and Data Recovery Warranties.

- Lifetime £Unlimited Connected Equipment and Data Recovery Warranties insure protection for your connected equipment, hard drive, and the valuable information stored on it to give you peace of mind.
- Unique 180º Rotating Sockets accommodate large AC adapter blocks without covering an unused socket.
- 7 Surge-protected Sockets supply complete, 3-line AC protection
- Solid-state 2-line/4 PIN phone DSL protection safeguards your modem, phone, and DSL lines.
- Coaxial Cable line with Ceramic Arrestor protection for DSS and Cable Modems.
- Safeguards your Ethernet and DSL lines with both network and telephone line protection.
- Safety Shutters help to protect users and their children; safety shutters over live and neutral ports.
- Electro Magnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference filtering for clean power.
- The Spoiler Cable SystemÔ bar lifts up and locks down for easy cable managment.
- BlockSpace Sockets provide room for large, AC adapter blocks, without covering an unused socket.
- Safeguards your telephone, modem and DSL lines, while making two connectors out of one.

Colour of product:
Input connections:
Cable length:
Maximum spike current:
EMI/RFI noise filtering:
75 dB

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