Belkin 4-Socket SurgeMaster

$487.00 (£259.04)
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The Home Series offers surge protection for your very basic household electronics and home appliances. This model offers 714 Joules, 19,500 Maximum Spike Amperage, 4-sockets, and 1 metre power cable. This model comes with £25,000 Connected Equipment Warranty and our standard Lifetime Product Warranty.

- 714 Joule energy rating provides standard protection for you basic electronic devices.
- Lifetime £25,000 Connected Equipment Warranty to insure protection for your connected equipment and give you peace of mind.
- Earths AC power with 3-line protection through 1 socket.
- 4 Surge-protected sockets.
- Safety Shutters help to protect users and their children; safety shutters over live and neutral ports.
- BlockSpace™ Sockets provide room for large, Acadapter blocks, without covering an unused socket.
- The Spoiler Cable System™ for easy and clutter free cable management.
Colour of product:
Input connections:
Cable length:
1 m
Maximum spike current:
19500 A
Surge energy rating:
714 J
EMI/RFI noise filtering:
30 dB

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