Philips HF3490/01 dock for iPhone/iPod Dusk simulation Wake-up Light

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Designed to wake you with light and tunes
The Wake-up light wakes you up in a natural way, by light that increases gradually. From now on, waking up will be a pleasant experience. You can also wake up with your favourite music by simply selecting the tunes from your iPod or iPhone.
Light wakes you gently
- Gradual light prepares your body to wake up;
- Energy-saving lamp.
Light intensity
- Up to 300 Lux for natural awakening;
- Clinically proven to make waking up more pleasant.
Wake up to your favourite sounds
- Choice of 4 natural and pleasant wake-up sounds & FM-radio.
Wake up to your favourite tunes
- Great sound quality thanks to the integrated sound box;
- Play & charge your iPod / iPhone;
- Wake up to the tunes from your iPod / iPhone.
Dusk simulation
- Drift to sleep with gradually dimming light and sound.
Colour of product:
Cord length:
2 m
Service life of lamp:
6000 h
Power requirements:
230V, 50Hz

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