Philips EcoHalo 25W

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Bright, sparkling and energy efficient

Clear halogen is a sparkling light, giving beautiful reflections where it shines, and sharp shadows where it doesn't. Create your light scene with good energy efficiency.

Double the lifetime

This lamp lasts twice as long as a standard bulb. So it replaces two lamps, for lower cost and less hassle. The lifetime is based on the average usage of 2.7 hrs per day or 1000 hrs a year. This average is influenced by the usage during different seasons (dark winter vs. light summer), the weather conditions (sunny vs. rainy dark day) and on the room where the lamp is used (short usage in bathroom vs. long usage in living room).

Best dimmability to dim and create a cosy atmosphere

This lamp can be used in combination with all dimmers and will not only turn down the light to 1% but also create a cosy atmosphere as you are used to with your incandescent.
Bulb lifetime:
Bulb power:
Colour temperature:
Fitting/cap type:
Light colour:
Warm white
Luminous flux:
440 lm
Bulb voltage:
4.4 cm
1.2 cm

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