Rexel Bamboo Waste Bin Natural

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Made from 100% recyclable, sustainable bamboo, the stunning Rexel Bamboo desk accessories range proves you don’t have to compromise on quality, performance or style to be ‘green’ in your office or home.

Although technically a grass, bamboo is very hard and durable: 13% harder than maple and 27% harder than northern red oak. This makes it the ideal material for desk furniture, lovely to look at yet sturdy enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Only the Mao Zhu species of bamboo is used in the production of the Rexel Bamboo range. It’s a variety not eaten by panda bears and is harvested only from controlled forests to avoid disturbing the panda’s habitat.

Mao Zhu is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, capable of growing up to 4 feet a day. It’s ready to harvest after just 5 or 6 years and is the sensible alternative to hardwoods which take decades to mature. Once the bamboo stems have been harvested, new shoots push up to create the next crop of bamboo. It’s a highly efficient, sustainable process with no re-planting required. So by choosing bamboo products you can play your part in the fight against deforestation and help preserve the habitat of endangered wildlife.

The Rexel Bamboo waste bin is part of the co-ordinating Rexel Bamboo desk accessories range. Measuring 25.7 by 25.7 by 28cm, the modern, slightly tapered design and generous 13 litre capacity make this ideal for the office or home as a waste paper bin or for general storage.

The wide angled opening ensures easy waste disposal and it fits neatly under a desk (although it’s really far too attractive to hide away). Place one in your reception area to reinforce your company’s green credentials – a beautiful, eco-friendly alternative to traditional metal or plastic.

With the Rexel Bamboo waste bin you can enjoy the contemporary feel and natural beauty of top quality bamboo in the knowledge that you’re ‘doing your bit’ to protect the environment.
13 L
Colour of product:
Form factor:
Package depth:
26.6 cm
Package height:
29.1 cm
Package weight:
1.43 kg
Package width:
26.6 cm
1.21 kg

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