Belkin Bulldog™ Universal Security Kit

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Maybe your work environment isn’t secure. Or you made an office of your garage but it doesn’t lock up properly. Or maybe you have a cottage that you rent out and you want to secure the stereo system. Regardless, you invested a lot of money in your equipment so let the Belkin Bulldog™ Security Kit protect that investment.
The Bulldog™ Universal Security kit is a strong and durable theft deterrent security system designed to safeguard valuable computers and home office electronic equipment. Built with high-tension steel anchoring plates and aircraft quality steel cable, the Bulldog™ lives up to its name with its heavy duty steel lock and super-strength adhesive.

Advantages :
• Best theft protection for your valuable computer and office equipment.
• Complete with aircraft-quality cable, lock, 2 keys, heavy-duty steel plates and cyanoacrylate adhesive.
• Glow-in-the-dark label wards off burglars.

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