Brita Classic 2-Pack

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Classic Cartridge for cleaner, clearer, great tasting filtered water.
The original BRITA filter cartridge reduces limescale, chlorine, certain heavy metals like copper and lead and other impurities for a great natural taste of your water. It fits to BRITA Classic jug systems.

The heart of any BRITA filter system is the highest quality water filter cartridge.
The water filter cartridge enables the presence of limescale, chlorine and impurities to be reduced from our tap water. To achieve consistently high quality, the filter cartridges should be replaced regularly every four weeks. BRITA manufacturers four types of water filter cartridge:

- MAXTRA filter cartridge for optimum performance in all BRITA MAXTRA filter jugs and partner products.
- Inline filter cartridge for our filter tap range.
- Classic filter cartridge.
- Multifit filter cartridge.
The advantages of the MAXTRA technology are the innovative combination of the natural MicroporeFilter and the effective ProtectFilter, which ensures excellent results from your filter system.
Package depth:
6 cm
Package height:
13.7 cm
Package weight:
230 g
Package width:
12 cm
Quantity per pack:
Brand compatibility:
Recyclable material:
200 g

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