Princess 492967 vacuum sealer

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Luxury vacuum sealer. From now on you can store your food vacuum sealed. Vacuum-seals food bags automatically. Comes with 10 quality vacuum bags of 22 x 30cm in size. The vacuum bags are suitable for freezers, microwave ovens, and can be used in boiling water. The bags can be reused. Food that has been sealed can be kept five times longer than food that has not been sealed. The powerful vacuum pump has a capacity of 9 litres/minute and produces a pressure of 85kpa. Place the vacuum bag correctly in the vacuum sealer and close the appliance. Using both thumbs press down on either side of the appliance. The bag is now vacuum-sealed. Only stop pressing once the bag has been sealed completely.
Colour of product:
Indication light:
AC input voltage:
220 - 240 V
110 W

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