Panasonic SR-DG182 rice cooker

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R-DG182 Microcomputer Controlled/Fuzzy Logic® Rice Cooker
This electric Rice Cooker can prepare up to 10 or 20 Cups of Cooked rice.
(Approximately 40 3 oz. portions)

Attractive, Compact Design
Fits on your kitchen counter or dinner table for convenient service

Domed Lid Design
Helps prevent accumulated water droplets from re-entering the rice

Easy-to-Read Display
A quick glance tells you the cooking status

Advanced Fuzzy Logic® Technology
Adjusts power & cooking time automatically for precise and consistent results every time.

Pushbutton Lid Release
No need to manually lift the lid when your hands are busy with other things

Dual Cooking and Warming Indicators
The "Cooking" light indicates cooking is in progress and automatically extinguishes when cook time is complete. The "Warming" light indicates when the rice is cooked and being kept warm for when you're ready to eat.

Removable Inner Lid
Convenient removal of inner lid allows for easy cleaning in the sink
Colour of product:
Measuring cup:
Rice scoop:
AC input frequency:
60 Hz
AC input voltage:
120 V
Automatic cooking for fresh rice:
Automatic keep warm:
Large LCD with clock & timer display:
Package weight:
3.58 kg
3.81 kg