Panasonic Large Capacity Rice Cooker

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Large Capacity Rice Cooker
This Electric Rice Cooker can prepare up to 46 Cups of Cooked rice.
(Approximately 94 3 oz. portions)

Thermostat for Precise Temperature Control
- A built-in thermostat maintains heat at a precise and uniform level

Direct Heating System
- A special sheathed heating element heats the bottom of the pan directly to minimize heat loss and save energy.

Cooking Indicator
- The Cooking light indicates cooking is in progress and automatically extinguishes when cook time is complete.

One Step Automatic Cooking
- With just the press of a button, your rice is cooked to perfection.

Test Kitchen Tip:
- Pre-wash the rice by stirring in tap water. Drain out the water and repeat until the water comes out fairly clear.
Colour of product:
AC input frequency:
60 Hz
AC input voltage:
120 V
Automatic cooking for fresh rice:
Automatic keep warm:
Indication light:
47 W