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Perfect results when cooking a wider range of dishes
The more cooking options you have, the wider the variety of dishes you can prepare perfectly. With a microwave, a grill function, and the option of using both together, this appliance gives you the versatility you need to achieve perfect results. For example, you can use it to bake a potato gratin with a perfectly crispy topping.

Limitless cooking - change the settings even while the microwave is operating
New 'Active' display allows you to change settings whilst the microwave is operating, for added versatility.

Perfect results – at the touch of a button
Whatever you need, this microwave oven can offer perfect results. Automatically programmed to deal with a range of different dishes and foods, this microwave oven will produce perfect results, whether you are defrosting, cooking or grilling your food.

Flexible cooking for each cooking phase
This microwave oven is designed to make the cooking process as flexible as possible. Offering programs for three different phases of cooking – Defrost, Cook, and Keep Warm – it ensures that you always get the optimum results.

Easy to use Quick start function
Enables you to cook for 30 seconds at full power at the touch of a single button, ideal for common tasks such as warming up drinks. Can be pressed up to 5 times continuously for convenience.

Precise control over all cooking programmes
Excellent results depend on having the right settings, so you need a clear overview of what is happening when. With a clear and highly visible digital display, this microwave oven allows you to exercise complete control over the way your food is prepared.
Defrost function:
Dimensions (WxDxH):
594 x 316 x 371 mm
Power requirements:
230 - 240 V, 10 A
Connected load:
1200 W
Auto cook function:
Built-in display:
Cable length:
1.4 m
Child lock:
Colour of product:
Stainless steel
Control type:
Door open type:
Grill power:
1000 W
Integrated clock:
Interior capacity:
17 L
Microwave power:
800 W
Number of power levels:
Turntable size:
27.2 cm
Installation compartment dimensions (WxDxH):
560 x 300 x 360 mm
15.5 kg

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