Melitta Caffeo Lattea

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The taste revolution.

Full-bodied coffee flavour from whole beans and perfectly frothed milk in delicious varieties – what more could you ask for? A fully-automatic coffee maker that cannot be easier to operate, is simple to clean and has a trendy appearance? You can have one: CAFFEO® LATTEA®.
Only CAFFEO® LATTEA® is equipped with the unique milk shower, which whips up the milk2shower® milk powder with hot water - for a delicious milk froth experience!

From 1400 watts down to 0 in no time at all
LATTEA® simply disconnects itself from the mains when you are not using it. And thus automatically saves you a lot of electricity.

How many coffee strengths do you require?
Strong in the morning, mild in the evening? You can regulate the strength of your coffee at the push of a button.

Coffee for two
For everyone who sees double. Or like to share. Two cups in one go. You will have to decide for yourselves who gets the foamed milk first!

Milk shower
The hot shower transforms the milk2shower milk powder into delicious milk with a wonderful, creamy froth topping. You can also use the water to infuse tea. However, if you do, we recommend that you don't use the milk powder.
Milk jug
This is where the milky pleasure begins: pour in the milk2shower powder, start LATTEA® and watch how delicious milk and a frothed milk topping rounds off your coffee. Dishwasher-proof.
Built-in display:
Case design:
Colour of product:
Silver, White
Removable water tank:
Power consumption (typical):
Built-in grinder:
Coffee input type:
Coffee beans
Coffee maker type:
Milk tank:
Types of drink:
Cappuccino, Espresso, Hot water
Water tank capacity:

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