Princess 110412 barbecue

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The popular Princess Table Chef' now comes with a handy and sturdy stand, including a stainless steel tabletop and a wooden worktop. Easy to use in the garden as a barbecue. The Princess Table Chef' measures 23x43cm and has a double non-stick coating. The end result is much healthier than a normal barbecue, because food cannot burn as the grilling heat is evenly regulated. For perfect grilling without the use of gas or charcoal! No oil or fat is required, ensuring a low-fat result! Includes wooden spatulas. Splash-proof and complete with an adjustable thermostat.
Colour of product:
Housing material:
Stainless steel, Wood
Non-stick coating:
AC input voltage:
220 - 240 V
Adjustable thermostat:
Cooking surface:
260 x 460 mm
1800 W

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