Braun TexStyle 5-530

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TexStyle 5 steam irons - Pure steam removes deep wrinkles for perfect results.
If ultimate ease in ironing means everything to you and nothing but a flawless finish will do, then our TexStyle 5 steam irons are what you are looking for. The unique ergonomic open handle, integrated into the functional and modern overall design, represents a milestone in iron technology.

Full steam on fine fabrics
Most irons produce no steam at all in the lowest temperature setting and only very little in the next one up. With the unique Textile Protector from Braun, you can iron with full steam power at all temperature settings. It is simply clicked on the soleplate lowering the temperature of the soleplate to a safe, but still effective level immediately. You can iron even the most delicate fabrics with all the steam you need.

Best protection for delicate fabrics
The Textile protector also prevents heat damage and minimises the risk of shiny patches on your dark delicate fabrics by reducing soleplate temperature to a safe but still highly effective level. There is also no need for a troublesome ironing cloth, so that nothing obstructs your view of the piece of laundry you are ironing.

Perfect gliding
A high quality soleplate is essential to bring the iron's performance on and into your fabric. TexStyle 5 unique Saphir soleplate is four times harder than stainless steel, provides excellent scratch resistance and guarantees a smooth glide for years to come, always looking like new. The Saphir soleplate is so scratch-resistant that you can even clean it with steel wool without causing damage to your precious iron.

Great performance
The Braun TexStyle 5 gives you 2000 Watt performance. It delivers full steam intensity out of two active areas including preconditionung steam. This
powerful steam enables effective ""long stroke"" ironing. You attain a flawless finish quickly and comfortably.

Variable steam
The steam rate can be set individually up to powerful 30 g/min being a big help in ironing virtually every garment.

Vertical steam shot
Steam can be raised up to 95 g/min by pressing the "Extra Steam" button. This power shot will smooth even the toughest creases effortlessly (like linen with really obstinate creases). And it can be used vertically, which is perfect for removing creases in curtains and garments.

Easy grip
The uniquely designed open handle fits your hand perfectly. The ergonomic design provides an easier grip with more comfortable handling and improved manoeuvrability.
Automatic cord rewinder:
Ergonomic design:
Anti-drip function:
Automatic anti-calc:
Colour of product:
Grey, White
Continuous steam:
30 g/min
Delicate fabric protector for delicate garments:
2000 W
Spray function:
Steam boost performance:
95 g/min
Suitable for tap water:
Variable steam:
Vertical steam function:
Water tank capacity:
0.3 L

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