Princess 332770

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Extremely compact and practical textile steam cleaner for multiple use!
Ideal for cleaning and smoothing out creases in curtains, clothing and furniture, for example.
This steam cleaner uses hot steam rather than chemical detergents for a clean and hygienic result. The hot steam ensures that bacteria are killed. You can also add aroma oil to the textile steam cleaner so that the steam takes on your favourite scent. Includes two bottles to store your favourite scent in. Also includes a door hanger for hanging up the steam nozzle. This allows any condensation to automatically return to the boiler and prevents unecessary dripping. Complete with a brush for cleaning furniture and an accessory compartment for storing the brush and two bottles. With handy cord and hose storage system. Very easy to operate using the on/off switch.
Water tank volume: 1.6 litres. 'Your own dry-cleaning results at home'.
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