Princess 332733 steam cleaner

$147.00 (£78.19)
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Steam cleaner on wheels with removeable water reservoir, convenient foot switch with indicator lamp and hose stand. Perfect for cleaning curtains, clothing and furniture fabrics. The hot steam method is also suited to cleaning highly sanitary areas and kitchens. Ideal for removing old wallpaper. The 3.3 litre water reservoir generates continuous steam for more than 2 hours. Includes safety overheat valve and dry boil protector.

Steam on!
This luxury, silver, vertical steamer on wheels,
with its removable water reservoir, handy foot switch
with an indicator light, and a stand to hang the hose from,
is essential in every home!

Complete with every convenience

This ideal vertical steamer is an essential product for your home. It is perfect for cleaning curtains, clothing and furniture. Thanks to the hot steam, this steamer can also hygienically clean sanitary areas and kitchens. It is also ideal for removing old wallpaper.

For long-lasting use
Thanks to its 3.3L water tank, this vertical steamer can produce steam for more than 2 hours. This model also features a pressure relief valve and boil-dry protection.
Colour of product:
Operating time:
60 min
Input voltage:
220 - 240V

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