AEG A75278GA Upright Freestanding Silver A 254L freezer

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No more frost

The frost-free technology in the freezer compartment completely remvoed the need to defrost the freezer, giving total convenience and saving valuable time. Frost-free freezers also offer efficient and effective freezing with quicker, more even chilling for better food preservation. Food never sticks together or gets frosted over, so contents can be quickly located.

Low energy consumption

This model has an A+ energy label, which means it uses up to 25% less energy than an A rated model.

Close control over the storage conditions of your food

Close control over the storage conditions of your food Located externally, this control panel includes a digital temperature visualization that enables you to make precise adjustments and create the perfect storage conditions for your food by setting the right temperature.

Freezer with storage solution for large items

Larger frozen items, such as a big sized cake that you want to freeze or large portions of meat, do not fit in standard freezer drawers. In the Maxi Box drawer even these items can be frozen and stored. This drawer allows you to organise your storage space in the freezer compartment in the most efficient way precisely according to your needs.

Precision freezing system

The precision freezing system distributes air throughout the freezer ensuring an even temperature is maintained for a perfect freezing result in every drawer

Power cut safe for 20 hours
Case design:
Colour of product:
Reversible doors:
Freezer gross capacity:
266 L
Freezer net capacity:
254 L
Storage time during power failure:
20 h
AC input voltage:
230 - 240 V
Annual energy consumption:
310 kWh
Energy efficiency class:
65 cm
180 cm
60 kg
60 cm