AEG DF6164-M

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Compact and slimline – ideal for small spaces
To save space, this cooker hood has a pull-out mechanism. When not in use, it hardly takes up any room. It smoothly pulls out when you need it.

Efficient control over the vapour extraction rate
The slide control has three settings, so you can set the rate of extraction to efficiently match your specific needs.

Clear bright light or soft illumination – you decide
Because the LEDs on this cooker hood can be dimmed, you can choose between bright light over the cooking area, or soft illumination for your entire kitchen.

2 washable aluminium grease filters
The metal filter attracts the grease from cooking vapours, reducing odours, purifying the air and optimising performance. The filter is dish-wahser safe and never needs replacing.

Charcoal filter included
This charcoal filter is used in recirculation mode to remove cooking smells. Needs replacing periodically.

Extraction mode
A ducting kit is attached to the hood to extract the cooking vapours externally, giving a pleasant kitchen environment, which is free from cooking odours.

Optimum performance from your cooker hood all the time
This aluminium grease filter can be washed and re-used. This means you can wash it as frequently as you want and always ensure the optimum performance of your cooker hood.

Charcoal filter included
Charcoal filter included for recirculation.

Fresh air fast thanks to powerful performance
The powerful motor ensures that this cooking hood extracts fumes and vapours efficiently and effectively, leaving the air in your kitchen fresh and odour-free.

63 dB(A) noise level
This cooker hood has a maximum noise level of only 63 dB(A) to help maintain a more peaceful kitchen environment.

- Maximum extraction rate 324m³/h.
- Maximum recirculation rate of 246 m³/h.
- Recirculation or extraction options.
- For installation into a furniture unit with shallow front cupboard.
Colour of product:
Stainless steel
Lamp type:
Grease filter type:
Removable filter:
Built-in capability:
Maximum extraction power:
324 m³/h
Noise level:
63 dB
29.5 cm
9.1 kg
59.8 cm

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