Philips s-bag disposable dust bag FC8020/01

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100% natural 100% performance
Greener every day

Environmentally friendly s-bag® with the superior performance you are used to. The sbag
® GREEN is designed to fit all cylinder vacuum cleaners from Philips and the
Electrolux Group (Electrolux, Volta, Tornado, Zanussi, AEG-Electrolux).

100% natural
- This cardboard is made from recycled material
- Natural rubber
- Unbleached bag made of corn starch

Less environmental impact
- Environmentally friendly packaging
- Raw material from 100% renewable sources

Outstanding performance
- Superior suction power of the vacuum cleaner
- The great s-bag® performance you are used to
- TÜV certified with a 50% longer lifetime compared to paper bags
Compatible products:
FC8200 - FC8219, FC8380 - FC8399, FC8400 - FC8499, FC8600 - FC8649, FC9000 - FC9099, FC9100 - FC9199, HR8300 - HR8349, HR8368 - HR8378, HR8500 - HR8599
Number of bags:
3 pc(s)

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