Philips exhaust filter FC8044/02

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This HEPA 12 washable filter catches at least 99.5% of all harmful microscopic vermin that causes respiratory allergies. To maintain effective filtration, the HEPA filter should be cleaned every 6 months and be replaced after 2 years.

High-quality filtering material

HEPA 12 filter offers optimal filtration

It removes no less than 99.5% of all dust particles down to 0.0003 mm in size from the exhaust air.

Perfect fit

Original Philips exhaust filter
Compatible products:
HR8500 - HR8599, HR8700, HR8999, FC8408, FC8428, FC8429, FC8436, FC8438, FC8600 - FC8619, FC8700 - FC8740, HR8374\n
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