Philips exhaust filter FC8038

$137.00 (£72.87)
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This HEPA 13 washable filter catches at least 99.95% of all harmful microscopic vermin that causes respiratory allergies. To maintain effective filtration, the HEPA filter should be cleaned every 6 months and be replaced after 2 years.

No more hassle of searching for the right filter

s-filter is the standard exhaust filter

s-filter is the standard exhaust filter that is widely available and easily recognizable by its logo. It does fits most Philips vacuum cleaners, but also vacuum cleaners of Electrolux, AEG, Volta, and Tornado.

Perfect fit

Original Philips exhaust filter
FC9000-F9099, FC9100-FC9199, FC9200-FC9299
Number of filters:
1 pc(s)

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