Electrolux SETE210B

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s-bag® ultra long performance dustbags - the ultimate original standard vacuum bag for top cleaning results!

s-bag® ultra long performance dustbag is a new high performance synthetic dustbag providing your vacuum cleaner with extreme suction power during the entire lifetime of the dustbag. With its optimal capacity of 5 litres, amazingly this dustbag can be used up to 80 % longer than a normal paper dustbag. And, thanks to excellent filtration in the multi-layer material even the very finest particles will be captured contributing to the clean air quality of your home.

All s-bag® dustbags are designed with special folding and a unique patented cardboard which makes it easy to fit it to most of the Electrolux vacuum cleaners. Moreover the dustbag is easy to place into the vacuum cleaner while the convenient closing system makes the removal of the bag simple and hygienic, preventing any spillage.

s-bag® ultra long performance dustbag fits most Electrolux vacuum cleaners
but it’s specially designed for UltraOne/GREEN.
Suitable for vacuum cleaner models: AirMax/GREEN, Bolido, Clario, Clario2, ErgoSpace/GREEN, Essensio, Excellio, JetMaxx/GREEN, Maximus, Mondo Plus, Oxy3system, Oxygen, Oxygen+, Superpro, UltraOne/GREEN, UltraSilencer/GREEN, Viva Control, Viva Quickstop.
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