Samsung SR8845

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Vacuuming is a chore. So why not let someone or something else do the dirty work? ​S​a​m​s​u​n​g​’​s​ revolutionary NaviBot, for instance. It was engineered to give your home the cleaning of a lifetime, any day you choose. With its Visionary Mapping™System, NaviBot employs an onboard camera to create a map of your living space, charting the best possible cleaning path. A path that protects your valuable items thanks to its clever safety sensors and Virtual Guard™, which essentially is an invisible fence you can activate when you need to. No matter your personal feng shui, the NaviBot is the smart way to clean your home. So kick back, relax and leave it to Samsung.
Colour of product:
Noise level:
70 dB
Charging time:
1.5 h
Battery type:
4 kg

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