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Charting a course for cleanliness.
Under the coffee table, around the couch and through the hallway to the next room - with its Visionary Mapping™System, the NaviBot will chart the most efficient course around your house. Featuring an onboard camera that captures 30 frames per second, it documents your home's layout and memorizes the best possible cleaning path. And the NaviBot always knows exactly where it is, and where it's going. It's even sophisticated enough to pick up precisely where it left off should it need to return to its docking station for a quick recharge. That's because we designed it to be brilliant as well as leave your floors looking brilliant.

Takes on pet hair, tough fluff and other stuff.
It may look like a pet, but the NaviBot was actually engineered to tackle pet hair. Not to mention dust, dirt, crumbs and other debris. With its innovative power brush and rotating side brushes that don't shy away from difficult pet hair, NaviBot leaves your floor in pristine condition. It also traps and holds up to 0.6L of dust - filtering the finer particles that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms through a washable HEPA filter. But if you're a pet owner, it's Samsung's patented pet hair care system that will win you over. The NaviBot effortlessly picks hair and fluff up while preventing it
from wrapping around the brushes - ensuring its usefulness for many years to come.

Detects obstacles. Protects valuables.
Whether it's a delicate carpet or obstacles to your favorite electronic equipment, the NaviBot was engineered with 38 sensors to automatically sense and protect your valuables - and itself. With three Cliff Sensors that detect the edge of stairs and other surfaces, it won't fall and break. It also comes equipped with three anti - tangle sensors that automatically unwind any cords and carpet tassels it encounters. And if the NaviBot is lifted up or falls over, its Auto - Stop at Lifting sensor immediately shuts it down for your safety.

Tailor its cleaning routine to your needs.
As if having a robot vacuum cleaner wasn't convenient enough, NaviBot comes with various cleaning modes designed to address - and handle - all your messes, including Auto, Max, Manual, Spot and Edge. Edge Mode uses the spinning side brushes to conveniently clean along the wall and other hard to reach places. And you can use NaviBot's Delay Start Mode before going out so it so it runs through its routine hours later, or rely on Daily Schedule Time to set a specific time of the day - being there is totally optional.

Knows where to clean and where not to.
Virtual Guard™ gives you two convenient options to protect your space. By pressing just one button, you can activate the Virtual Fence that prevents NaviBot from entering areas where you might have valuable furniture, a pets' bed or anything else you want the NaviBot to steer clear of. Or you can choose Virtual Guide mode. It cleans your living room and then moves onto the next room - and then the next room after that - all according to your designated order.
Built-in display:
Colour of product:
Display type:
Dust capacity (total):
0.6 L
Dust container type:
Package weight:
7 kg
Cleaning speed:
300 mm/sec
HEPA filtration system:
Noise level:
73 dB
Battery life:
1.5 h
Battery technology:
Nickel–Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Charging time:
2 h
Power consumption (typical):
40 W
36 cm
10.5 cm
4 kg
36 cm

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