Philips QG3280

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100% waterproof for shower use and easy cleaning
100% waterproof for easy use and cleaning.

Sharper edges for improved cutting performance
Sharper edges provides an improved cutting performance for faster and better results

Rounded Guard is more gentle and glides better on the skin
Rounded trimmer tip's prevents scratching on the skin and provide the ultimate body comfort

Full size trimmer for beard and head hair
Using the full size trimmer without a comb results in a stubble beard look.

Trim and shave all bodyzones
Trim and shave all bodyzones with this skin protection shaver made of hypo-allergenic materials, to keep your body hair under control with less skin irritation

Hair clipper comb locks into 9 settings
9 length settings to keep your hair neat and styled.

Mini shaver for finishing edges with a close result
To finish your beard style enjoy the use of the mini shaver which finishes edges with close result.

Quick charge and long lasting battery performance
quick charge and long lasting battery performance

Precision detail trimmer to create and maintain your lines
Create any style you want with precision.

Beard and moustache comb locks into 9 settings
9 length settings to trim your facial hair exactly how you want.

Bodycomb with 5 length settings
Body trimmer comb with 5 length settings to trim body hair to the desired length

Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer
To trim unwanted hairs easily and pain-free.
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50 min

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