Braun BP-3550

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Accurate fit - accurate reading
Wrist blood pressure monitor with unique EasyClick Cuff - the cuff automatically fastens correctly to your wrist to ensure an accurate fit for an accurate reading.

Naturally, if you care about your health, you care about your blood pressure. To treat hypertension successfully, your doctor may recommend that you take your blood pressure at home regularly, and record the results. This information can be very valuable for your treatment - but only if it is accurate. That's why it's so important to hold your wrist monitor in the right position - at heart level. Moreover, to obtain an accurate reading, it is essential to fasten the cuff correctly.

The new Braun SensorControl EasyClick with its unique cuff helps to reduce common handling errors, such as fastening the cuff incorrectly, not holding the arm at heart level or moving the arm during the measurement process. This way you do not have to worry about the accuracy of your blood pressure readings.

The new EasyClick Cuff is very easy to put on. It self-adjusts and automatically inflates, safeguarding against incorrect adjustment and helping to ensure a clinically accurate reading every time.

The Active Positioning System guides you step by step to the recommended measuring position at heart level to assure a precise reading.

Furthermore, the new Confirmation System confirms if the correct measurement position was maintained throughout the whole measurement.

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