Sony Wipeout Pulse Essentials (PSP)

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- Latest incarnation of the iconic, stylish and futuristic anti-gravity combat racer: an awesome follow-up to WipEout Pure on PSP
- Upholds the brand heritage and refines all the best elements of the franchise to deliver an exhilarating racing experience loaded with hi-tech weapons, hi-octane speed and futuristic adrenaline-fuelled combat
- Seven diversified single player and multiplayer modes, including wireless multiplayer mode via Ad Hoc and Infrastructure Modes
- Downloadable content available at launch and post-launch: new circuits, ships and music tracks
- Pumping soundtrack licensed by a range of top artists including Mason, Loco Dice and Stanton Warriors
- Eight teams including the new EG-X team and 24 new exhilarating tracks
- New Mag-Strip track feature: Allowing for a huge variety and dynamism in track design including loops, vertical drops and 90 degrees angled sections
- Snap a photo of your ship at any time in Photo Mode and upload online to show the world
ESRB rating:
E10+ (Everyone 10+)
Action / Racing
Language version:
PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Media types supported:

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