Sony Warhawk, PS3 + Headset

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Log on and join thousands of online players in heated 32-player battles:

- Epic next-gen multi-modal design immerses you in a deep 3rd person gameplay experience.
- Fly or hover in the Warhawk to engage in intense dogfights with dozens of fighters and ground forces aimed your way.
- Take control of armored tanks or utility vehicles to defend your base or launch a ground assault.
- Continue the battle on-foot and choose from a powerful arsenal of weapons, including rocket launchers, flame throwers, and proximity mines.
- Select one of four online game modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and an all-new Zone Mode.
- Customize your soldier with an unlimited combination of armor and squad markings.
- Team up with friends and create competitive clans and stay organized with user friendly communication tools.
- Complex stat tracking records and rewards your accomplishments on the battlefield.
- Bluetooth and USB headset compatibility for strategic communications and excessive online chatter.
- Expansion and vehicle and character customization packs scheduled for download through 2008.
Incognito Entertainment
ESRB rating:
M (Mature)
PlayStation 3