Sony Time Crisis 4, PS 3 + Gcon

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The PlayStation arcade shooter classic is back – on PlayStation 3

On your feet. Take aim. Time Crisis 4 is the first next-generation instalment of the classic PlayStation arcade shooter – and with High Definition graphics, improved gameplay, an all-new First Person Shooter mode and the next-generation G-Con™ 3 controller with 6 action buttons and dual analogue sticks, it’s bound to hit the target.

You are VSSE agent Giorgio Bruno. Your mission: to prevent a top secret weapon from falling into the hands of international terrorists. Your tools: skill, speed and the revolutionary G-Con 3 controller, featuring, for the first time, dual analogue sticks. It’s pure arcade-style shooting action in the Time Crisis style that all PlayStation fans know and love. Take cover, reload, aim and fire.

- Includes the G-Con 3 controller, featuring dual analogue sticks to control the character’s movement for the first time.
- For the first time ever in Time Crisis history, players can roam freely through five new FPS stages.
- An upgraded arsenal includes grenade launchers and machine guns
ESRB rating:
T (Teen)
PlayStation 3