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Become the ultimate action hero, using the PlayStation Move motion controller to shoot, punch and dodge your way through five exciting Hollywood movie sets in The Shoot.

This is a shooting game designed for use with the PlayStation Motion Controller.

The PlayStation Move is a great peripheral for more than sports games. Because of the accurate pointer tracking, it makes for a worthy light gun replacement too. And while most of these arcade shooters focus on zombie-blasting and firefights with evil conglomerates, The Shoot takes a more light-hearted approach in that you're in the middle of a movie set.

The aim is to make an impression on the director of 'The Shoot' and see your name in lights. The only way you can do that, as an up-and-coming action star, is to take down a range of different enemies to rack up your score. You can do this using the Move controller on its own, or by using the PlayStation Move shooting attachment that will be released in tandem with the game.

Work your way through five different sets, each with their own theme and style. Escape the clutches of aliens who want to take over the city in a Sci-Fi themed stage, or ready your holster as a posse of cowboys try to gun you down in a Western level. The better you do in each course, the more roles you will earn and the higher up the star-o-meter you climb. Better yet, get a friend involved and either team up to become an awesome action duo, or go head to head to find out who's got more star quality!
Cohort Studios
ESRB rating:
T (Teen)
PlayStation 3