Sony The Fight: Lights Out - Move Compatible (PS3)

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The most realistic motion controlled fighting game released to date, The Fight: Lights Out for PlayStation 3 challenges players to conquer the brutal world of illegal underground fighting utilizing the PlayStation Move controller and the PlayStation Eye camera peripheral. Together these two seamlessly translate the player’s realistic physical actions to those of the character on the screen, allowing the players to fight however they choose. Keep it clean with standard jabs and punches, or fight dirty with headbutts, headlocks and more. The choice is yours as you take on 12 fighting venues filled with thugs and bosses and eventually take the fight online to unleash the skills you've learned against live virtual opponents.

Fight the Way You Want with PlayStation Move
Grab your PlayStation Move controllers and step into the dark and gritty underground of bare knuckle brawling in The Fight: Lights Out. A launch title for the PlayStation Move controller, The Fight: Lights Out is a one-on-one fighting game featuring single player and multiplayer play options. Players utilize two Move controllers, one for each hand, to accurately track your rapid blows while the PlayStation Eye tracks your head as you duck, evade, outmaneuver and knockout anyone that has the guts to throw down with you. The precision and versatility of the controller/peripheral combo allows you to decide how you want to take down your next challenger. Get them in a headlock and throw elbow drops to the skull, or go ballistic by throwing nonstop haymakers. Fight clean or fight dirty, it’s entirely up to you because there are no rules.

The Fight: Lights Out features both a local single player career mode and multiplayer, as well as online multiplayer. In career mode players assume the role of an up-and-coming brawler looking to make it in the world of illegal, underground street fighting. Players can customize their character with a preset range of body types and attire, as they prepare themselves to fight their way through the game's 12 venues using the precise and varied capabilities of the PlayStation Move controller. Each venue is populated with a variety of opponents that will need to be defeated, with the final clash in each fought against a boss. Bosses are different from the lower level fighters that precede them in that they have particular skills and/or styles that the player will not have encountered in earlier opponents. Once bosses are defeated by the player these styles are incorporated into the player's repertoire, making these skills usable against later fighters in career mode and invaluable as you eventually face live online opponents via PlayStation Network.
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T (Teen)
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PlayStation 3
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