Sony The Eye of Judgment Legends

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Collect every card, master your powers and prepare for the ultimate showdown with Scion, Biolith Lord.

The Eye of Judgement: Portable brings fast-paced, addictive virtual card battles to PSP.

All the action takes place on the PSP itself, so there's no need for extra peripherals such as a camera or physical cards, making this a fun and accessible game for players of all skill levels.

The Eye of Judgement: Portable features a brand new single player story created exclusively for the PSP version, which challenges you to defeat rival characters while travelling around the magical EOJ world. Battles take place using digital on-screen cards, and as the adventure progresses, players can acquire new abilities by building their digital card collection.

The ultimate goal is to obtain sufficient cards and special powers to confront and defeat Scion, Biolith Lord in a final showdown.

Have you got what it takes?
-No need for extra peripherals such as a camera or physical cards.
-Every card from the PlayStation 3 version implemented digitally along with 30 new ones via PlayStation Store.
-Card Trade mode via Ad Hoc Mode and Infrastructure Mode duels.
ESRB rating:
T (Teen)
Language version:
PlayStation Portable (PSP)

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