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The original SOCOM was one of last year's biggest hits - and it's easy to see why. Putting the player in charge of an elite team of Navy SEALs, tackling dangerous missions against the shadowy terrorist foe, SOCOM isn't just topical - it's damn good fun. What's more, the game spearheaded the PlayStation 2's first steps into the online arena, single-handedly establishing a fervent community that battles away to this day.

Now the SEALs are back, and look set to consolidate their position as gaming's most ass-kickingest fellows. Once again, a slick single player campaign lines up alongside an alarmingly addictive online multiplayer mode, and of course, the whole SOCOM stocking is stuffed full of improvements and new additions.

Lone players have 12 missions to battle through, each of which contains a wide variety of objectives. Taking in exotic locations like Algeria, Albania, Brazil and Russia, you'll meet up with allied Special Ops forces including the British SAS and Russian Spetznaz in order to achieve your goals, which can change in seconds in the pressure-cooker environment. To help out, new equipment and weapons including rocket-propelled grenades and machine gun turrets are available for use.

For many SOCOM fans though, it's the network play that's the big draw here - and you won't be disappointed. Maps are more intelligently designed than ever, encouraging tactical, team-based play and a wide array of strategies. There are also new game modes, in addition to those from the original. 'Escort' charges the SEALs with the task of shepherding a group of VIPs to safety, while 'Breach' demands that the invade and destroy a terrorist stronghold.

Better still, SOCOM II is Central Station enabled, allowing teams to participate in official competitions, organise matches and keep track of friends. The SOCOM community is set to grow even bigger!

- Improved strategic combat across 12 new missions

- New weapons allow for a more tactical experience

- Network play includes entirely new game modes for up to 16 players

- Central Station features include Events, friends lists and more

- Supports the USB headset for in-game communication
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