Sony SingStar 2 - Playstation 3

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Game Discription
SingStar® Vol. 2 features 30 new music tracks that allow groups of friends to sing along with real music videos of their favorite artists. Experience SingStar’s online features and personalize your content by purchasing songs, uploading video’s/photos, and rating the performances of others. SingStar Vol. 2 features a new harmony duet mode and PSP® Remote Play.

Game Features
- 30 new tracks with artist including The Police, Radiohead, The Cure, Young M.C and more.
- SingStore™ allows you to build your perfect SingStar playlist by offering hundreds of songs and videos to purchase.
- Connect to My SingStar® Online and share your favorite SingStar moments by uploading photos and performances.
- PSP remote play functionality (via wireless Internet connection) allows you download songs and create you new track list remotely, browse and rate performances, and leave comments.
- Up to 8 players can perform and compete in a variety of multiplayer game modes.
ESRB rating:
T (Teen)
PlayStation 3

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