Sony RESISTANCE2 video game

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Resistance 2

The Resistance story continues to unfurl with protagonist Sergeant Nathan Hale..

Having destroyed the London command centre of the invading alien Chimera, Hale returns to the United States where he becomes part of a special programme known as the Sentinels..

Hale is part of a secret weapon against the Chimera assault that the US government knows is imminent..

When the Chimera launch a full-scale aerial assault on both coasts, Hale and the Sentinels find themselves in the forefront of the counter-attack..

Huge-scale conflict involving gigantic battles against hordes of enemies including new Chimera variants, deadly machines and fearsome boss characters..

Squad-based online multiplayer for up to 60 players - with different objectives for each squad on the battlefield..

2-8 players online co-op mode featuring different character classes – wield a chaingun as a Soldier, go Special Ops with a sniper rifle or heal your squad’s injured as a medic!.

Huge online support via the PLAYSTATION®Network with full player profile pages and networking through as well as full in-game clan system..