Sony Resistance: Fall of Man + Heavenly Sword

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Resistance: Fall of Man
Defend Europe's last outpost as the deadly Chimera sweep the continent in this spectacular shooter from the makers of Ratchet & Clank.

It's the 1950s in an alternate history - where World War II never happened. The Chimera, an incredibly aggressive species of unknown origin, has swept across Asia and Europe and surrounded the remaining survivors at one, final outpost - Britain. Insomniac Games - creators of the acclaimed Ratchet & Clank series - makes its PLAYSTATION 3 debut in a relentless First Person Shooter combining incredible graphics, chaotic physics and original weapons to create an unforgettable action experience.

Fight the Chimera as US Army Ranger Nathan Hale, and enter battle with dozens of allies or embark upon harrowing solo missions. Once again, Insomniac's love of creating unusual weaponry delivers an explosive arsenal, while 40-player multiplayer skirmishes will ensure that this is one game you won't be able to resist.

Download alternative multiplayer maps for Resistance: Fall of Man from PLAYSTATION Store, and take humanity’s struggle against the dread Chimera to two breathtakingly atmospheric additional locations: the snowy hills of Westmorland and leafy Camborn.

- An intensely spectacular FPS from the makers of Ratchet & Clank.
- Captivating plot set in an alternate 1950s Europe.
- Huge variety of multiplayer options for online play.
ESRB rating:
T (Teen)
Language version:
PlayStation 3

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