Sony Resistance 2 Platinum Edition

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The battle intensifies as Nathan Hale returns to confront the Chimera on the other side of the Atlantic.

Having valiantly stopped the Chimera invasion of Europe, mankind must make its last stand on the shores of the United States.

Powered by Insomniac Games' third generation PLAYSTATION 3 technology, Resistance 2 delivers unprecedented online gaming, with co-operative campaigns for up to eight players and 60 player battles.

Resistance 2 follows Sgt. Nathan Hale as he struggles to protect mankind from the unstoppable Chimera. Hale must also battle the virus that threatens to transform him into the very creature he fights against.

The epic single player campaign features new weapons and giant bosses that need to be seen to be believed. And players can enjoy a new level of community support at, where they can view their stats and share in-game accomplishments.

-The critically acclaimed story continues.
-Gigantic online battles featuring up to 60 players.
-Missions specifically designed to be played co-operatively with up to eight players.
Insomniac Games
ESRB rating:
K-A (Kids to Adults)
FPS (First Person Shooter)
PlayStation 3
Media types supported:
Blu-ray Disc

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