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Little Big Planet 2 with 3D capabilities

Everything you need to make your own game.

Your very own handmade arcade

Bring your little Sackperson on a brand-spanking-new adventure, wrought with mild, and possibly even pant-wetting peril, and spanning an entire cosmos of tomfoolery....

You’re about to get recruited, I’ll bet my teeth! A grand adventure is afoot, with a butt-load of new themes, toys, enemies and all manner of shenanigans..

With our new toolset in your little burlap hands, you'll have all the ingredients of a great game laid out before you, waiting for you to stew them up into something nutritious.

Create your own loveable characters - Add life to your levels by dropping in a couple of Sackbots, then tweak 'em to fit your purpose: style, shape, resize and dress them up..

Sackbots can be friends or foes, robots or zombies... Whatever you want!.

Cinematic Masterpieces - New cinematic tools make it simple to wheel in a couple of cameras into your level, choose the angles, zoom in, make it pan, and then string them all together to tell a story….

Custom controls - Open up the Controller placing Direct Control Seat into the world, popping up its control circuit board, and wiring the buttons to whatever you like switches, motors, sound objects….

Your vehicles and creations can behave exactly the way you want them to. With Direct control you can take Sackboy out of the picture, and make a game that doesn't even remotely resemble ours..

LittleBigPlanet allowed you to string together vast piston-fuelled logic systems to control your bosses,vehicles, puzzles and machines..

(To play in 3D: 3D enabled TV and 3D accessories are required).