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KillZone 3 3D

It is time to escape the nuclear aftermath of Pyrrhus City and attempt to leave the planet of Helghan altogether..

Killzone 3 picks up where its predecessor left off and it's a much grander experience in terms of scale and ambition..

With highly intelligent enemy AI and the unpredictable, dynamic environments of Helghan, you never know where the next threat will come from..

Get up close and personal with the Helghast, making use of brutal new melee attacks..

Wear your stereoscopic 3D glasses and place yourself right at the heart of the battle, dodging bullets as the combat rages all around on the spectacular new Sony BRAVIA 3D TVs..

There will be more variety, more enemy types, massive environments and a broader vision of the planet Helghan and its many terrains..

Once again face the hostile Helghast army, battling overwhelming odds in the fight for human survival, tasked with utilizing a host of new weapons and vehicles in the battle for human survival!.

(To play in 3D: 3D enabled TV and 3D accessories are required).