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Developed by London Studio and exclusive to PlayStation®2, TiF 2005 is much more than just a stats update: featuring ever more sophisticated game play and a host of never seen before online options, TiF 2005 and London Studio are aiming to be the Champions of Europe.
An increased range of new animations is being introduced to give the user an even greater choice of moves and game play depth, whilst a larger selection of player heads, stadiums and licensed teams will increase the game's authenticity and graphical appeal.
The new animations will have dramatic effects on how the game plays: a wider range of keeper saves, quick reacting dribble, shot and pass animations will result in fluid and responsive game play.
The artificial intelligence has also been refined to highlight the differences in how teams play. In TiF 2005, you will be able to see and feel the subtle differences in playing styles between the technical possession football of the Italians against the flair and fluency of the French.
TiF 2005 is also the game that will actually get you on the pitch and playing alongside any of your footballing heroes. By using the 'EyeToy: Cameo" you will be able to take high-resolution images of your face with the EyeToy USB Camera and map them onto a players head in the game! By using this simple custom design function you can turn out a squad full of all your mates and take on the best teams in the world!
Another addition to TiF 2005 is undoubtedly the introduction of online competitions to the already impressive set of on-line features. The never-seen before 8 player on-line experience featured in TiF 2004 has already proven a big hit amongst gamers, but London Studio is raising the bar higher this year with a game mode that allows you to take control of an entire team and participate in online competitions
TiF 2005 looks set to blaze a trail in through Europe yet again. With the brand new features and the addition of the groundbreaking 'EyeToy: Cameo' and online competitions, TiF 2005 is a must have for football fans for the new season.