Sony Patapon 2

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The story of the Patapon tribe marches forth as they hunt for the fabled 'Earthend'. Shipwrecked in a new and strange continent the Patapon are depending on you, their god, to lead them safely through this perilous new land.

As you guide the tribe through this new world with your mystical drum, they will come face to face with a new tribe, encounter a mysterious and mighty Hero Patapon and uncover the ruins of Patapolis, a mystical place long spoke of by the Patapon.

Loaded with brand new stages, enemies and items, Patapon 2 offers up even more of what the first game such a hugely rewarding experience. All-new modes to Patapon 2 include thrilling multi-player stages, a huge array of missions and deep tutorials that will have you drumming to the beat of the Patapon in no time.

- Lead your loyal followers through 60 rhythmic stages.
- Keep the beat going with tons of hidden items and mini-games to reveal.
- Drum along with friends and tackle multiplayer missions.
Japan Studio
ESRB rating:
E (Everyone)
PlayStation Portable (PSP)