Sony Move Fitness, PS3 + PlayStation Move + PlayStation Eye

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Get fit, shape up and beat stress with PlayStation Move.

Step into your own high-tech gym and start burning calories with your personal trainer.
Grab two PlayStation Move motion controllers and work out in an enjoyably active training programme tailored just for you.
Hit targets, perform punch combos and perfect your timing using the pinpoint accuracy of PlayStation Move.
Compete with friends online via PlayStation Network or work out together and compare stats to see who's progressing the fastest.
Design your perfect exercise regime on Facebook with the Move Fitness: Workout Planner.

Enjoy free voice and video chat with friends on PlayStation Network, discover new ways to play with PlayStation Move and explore your creative side.

PlayStation Eye is the innovative, next generation camera designed to get the most out of PS3.
Use it with the PlayStation Move motion controller to immerese yourself in the action on-screen.
Connect it to your PlayStation 3 system via one of the USB connectors for high quality video and sound quality that makes every conversation one to remember.
Unleash your creative side and download the free EyeCreate editing software from PlayStation Store: shoot your own movie, edit it – you can even add music.
Features background noise reduction for smoother speech recognition, faster frame rate for improved video quality and adjustable zoom lens for extra versatility.

PlayStation®Move motion controller
With the PlayStation Move motion controller in your hand, start becoming the star of the show, the hero at the centre of the battle or the sportsman with the skills to make the opposition stop and stare.

Start becoming more deeply involved in the games you play with the PlayStation Move motion controller, the innovative new controller for PlayStation 3 that's wireless, sleekly designed and incredibly easy to use.
See your actions instantly replicated on-screen in glorious High Definition with incredible accuracy as you use the controller to become part of the action in ways you never imagined.
Use the controller in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye camera for genuine augmented reality experiences as you control your actions with your voice as well as your body.
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