Sony Mega minis Volume 1, PSP

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This selection of the biggest and best minis packs four great games onto one disc, plus one more to download from PlayStation Store.

- Pinball Fantasies: Get your flippers primed and your silver ball ready to take on four classic tables.
- Spot the Differences: Find all 4,800 differences in 240 scenes in this classic puzzle game for sharp eyes.
- YetiSports: Make the feathers fly over 27 stages with the Antarctic's oddest couple.
- Zombie Tycoon: Build an undead army and start taking over the world one brain at a time.
- Vibes: Can you keep the rhythm rolling through 13 interactive music tracks?
- Includes a PlayStation Network voucher code to download all five games to PSP and PS3.
ESRB rating:
E12+ (Everyone 12+)
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Multiplayer mode:
PEGI rating:
PlayStation Portable (PSP)