Sony MediEvil Resurrection Essentials (PSP)

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After a successful couple of outings on the PSone, it’s been a bit of mystery as to what’s happened to Sir Daniel Fortesque (deceased). In MediEvil: Resurrection, he returns from the grave yet again, for a welcome new PSP outing that breathes new life into his undead adventures.
The MediEvil games don’t do anything especially original or taxing -- they’re simply very well designed action adventures with a nice line in comedy situations, particularly the craven coward that is Sir Dan himself. This PSP game is, however, completely new, with a much improved combat system and a lot more weapons to employ.
Naturally the graphics are greatly improved from the PSone games, and indeed this could be the best looking of all the PSP launch titles, with some beautifully subtle lighting and impressively complex levels and enemies. The gameplay itself is a bit shallow, but played in small doses – as the portable format encourages – you’re unlikely to get tired of it before the end.
As an extra bonus, there are also eight wireless multiplayer mini-games, none of which are of any real consequence but perfectly entertaining with a few friends. Comedy rarely works in video games but the amusing ineptness of the "hero" marks a welcome return for one of gaming’s lost sons. -- Harrison Dent.
ESRB rating:
T (Teen)
Action / Adventure
Language version:
PlayStation Portable (PSP)
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